What are the Information Required to Calculate the EMI for a Two-Wheeler Loan

Before taking on any debt, making educated guesses about your future outlays is prudent. To get an idea of the costs, you’ll have to pay back the two-wheeler loan, and you should figure out the EMI. The two wheeler loan calculator can help determine your monthly payment. Input the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment period you are comfortable with. With the EMI calculator, you can determine your exact EMI and see what it would be like at alternative principal amounts and payment terms.

What is a two wheeler loan calculator?

With an EMI calculator programme, you can determine bike’s each month installment that you have to pay. A motorcycle’s EMI. The EMI calculation method for the two-wheeler loan will determine how much money you’ll have to pay each month once you enter key information like the down payment amount, the loan term, and the interest rate.

Information Required to Calculate the EMI for a Two-Wheeler Loan

Please provide the following details to calculate your precise EMI on your motorcycle loan. If any of the data below is missing, you will not be able to compute the EMI.

Principal Amount

The principal amount is the loan you’re willing to borrow for your motorcycle purchase. A borrower can get a loan for various amounts from various lending institutions. As a result, the principal amount is crucial in determining the EMI. The interest portion of the monthly payment increases in proportion to the size of the loan.


The period a borrower is permitted to make loan repayments is known as the Tenure. Lender allow up to 60 months for payback. Choosing the longest payback term for your two-wheeler loan will also help lower your EMI.

Interest Rate

You likely already know that getting a loan for a motorcycle, scooter, or moped will require you to pay interest. Since this is the case, the interest rate must be input into the Bajaj Finance system. Combining a high-interest rate with a Two Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator leads to the calculation of very expensive monthly payments. The annual percentage rate (APR) for a two-wheeler loan is 8% to 13%; you can use this APR range to calculate the monthly instalment fee (EMI).

Some Points You Require to Keep in Mind To Choose The Best Offer Two Wheeler Loan Offer.

Planning Your Purchase

You may take advantage of some great sales and discounts over the holidays and towards the end of the year. Benefits and services, such as free insurance, are included, and there are no associated fees for processing.

Knowing The Loan Amount Eligibility

A good credit score is a factor for the majority of loan providers. However, as previously mentioned, your loan eligibility is determined by your ability to repay. A person earning 15,000 rupees per year is eligible for the best bike loan up to 45,000.

Researching The Other Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility requirements, such as age and income, must be met before a lender can extend a loan. Loans are available from some banks to borrowers as young as 18 and as old as 65.

Benefits of a two wheeler loan calculator

  • Use this calculator to determine if the monthly bike payment is affordable. If you’re unhappy with the EMI that comes with your current loan tenure, you may always change it.
  • Your privacy will be protected when using the calculator.
  • You can use an EMI calculator for a two-wheeler loan with just three basic pieces of information: the loan’s principal amount, interest rate, and term.


Obtaining a motorcycle or scooter loan is simple, provided you match the requirements. You should make your decision after carefully considering the interest rates and your ability to make payments. And Calculating the EMI that you have to pay with the two wheeler loan calculator would help make a sound decision.

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