Power Waxer: How and why you Should Use It?

If you wax your automobile on a regular basis with Power waxer, you can ensure that it retains the stunning sheen that it was designed to have. Your vehicle will have a paint job that is protected and will look even better than it did when you first drove it off the lot because of this product.

However, hand-waxing can be an arduous process at times. Especially for the most enthusiastic automobile person, it can be a time-consuming and draining process, even when using the appropriate cloths.

So, what other options do we have? It’s possible that you’ve been considering waxing your automobile with a power waxer, but you’re not entirely certain if this is the most efficient way to do so.

Fortunately, we are able to provide you with the answers. We know that if you’re reading this, you have the same passion for vehicles that we do, and we know that you care about both the exterior and the interior.

Here is how to use a power waxer as well as several reasons why you should it.


Reasons to Wash your Car with Power Waxer

If you only drive occasionally, waxing your automobile could seem like an unnecessary luxury; ask yourself if it’s truly worth the effort. If you don’t want your car to have a worn-out and faded appearance, which we’re sure you don’t, then putting in a little more effort to clean and detail it will definitely be worth it.

Waxing your vehicle helps prevent the small scratches that add up to larger damage over time. Scratches are unavoidable, and they can appear anywhere on your vehicle.

Wax also protects your paint from damage caused by dirt and water, particularly the unpleasant layer of mud that can adhere to your vehicle when snow melts into mushy mud.

Waxing your automobile regularly is the single most important thing you can do to keep it looking brand new. It is essentially a thin coat that is applied on top of the paint that protects it from scuffs, grime, and even the damaging effects of the sun.


Why you should use Power Waxer?

Waxing your automobile by hand, as we’ve discussed, may be a very empowering experience, and it looks cool in the movies, but it’s also a pretty tiring process because you have to go through and wax every inch of your car.

If you aren’t already on board with the idea of employing a power waxer, here are a few reasons why you should give it some serious thought:


Time Efficient Solution for Car waxing

No one like squandering their time, and making use of a power waxer is one way to reduce the total amount of time required to complete the task. Working by hand could take you hours, but using a power waxer will get the job done in a fraction of the time, allowing you to get in and out of the garage faster.

Unless, you can spin your hand at a rate of 2000 revolutions per minute.


An Effortless Way

Have we mentioned how taxing it may be to wax your car? [Not a question] It’s always good to be able to cut corners every once in a while, especially when there are already so many other things going on in your life.

Goodbye, sore shoulders. Good morning, power waxer.


Desired Results

As was previously noted, it is quite unlikely that you are spinning your towels by hand anywhere near the speeds that can be achieved with a power waxer. The number of rotations that occur each minute is determined by the specific waxer, but the fact that it operates at such fast speeds ensures that the surface of your vehicle is polished to a far higher degree than it would be if you relied solely on your slow, human arms.



Various Types of Power Waxer

If you’ve decided to use a power waxer rather than simply your hands, you may have noticed that there are a few different alternatives available for power waxers. This is because there are several different types of power waxers.

There are a number of variants available, and while they all accomplish the same goal in the broad sense, our judgement is that some of them are noticeably superior to others.


Dual Action Power Waxer

When it comes to waxing, dual action power waxers are typically thought to be somewhat safer and produce a smoother finish. This is because it travels in two different ways at the same time: first, as you might anticipate, it rotates, and second, in addition to that, it varies the position of the pad.

This dual motion generates a fast-paced, unpredictable movement while also reducing the amount of friction that may be problematic for other waxers.

The dual action waxer has a disadvantage in that it tends to be a more delicate tool than its rotary cousin. This does imply that it is safer to use the dual action waxer, but it does take a bit more time than the rotary model.

Rotary Waxers

The only movement that rotary waxers make is the pad’s continuous rotation, therefore there are no oscillating movements involved. Because of this, the gadget is able to put more of its energy into the spin, enabling it to be somewhat more forceful.

You will undoubtedly be able to reduce the amount of time you spend waxing as a result of this, but you will need to be quite experienced in order to do so well.


Which Kind of Pad Ought to You Make Use Of?

It is essential to choose and purchase the appropriate pads for waxing. For example, you should never use anything that was designed for the removal of paint in this process. Even though this may appear to be common sense, pads can look very similar on the shelf; therefore, it is important to read what each pad is designed to be used for.


When waxing, you should always make sure to work with the pads that are the softest you can locate. Your paint job will be protected, and the wax coat will be applied in an even manner thanks to this.


Process to use a Power Waxer

Waxing your vehicle using a power waxer is a fairly straightforward operation; however, before you do anything else to your automobile, you should make it a point to carefully read and adhere to all of the directions.

You should make sure that you obtain the result that you want by reading the instructions that come with the waxer and the supplies that you are using.

In that case, here is what you should do:

Wash your Car

You are going to want to make sure that your vehicle is spotless before you begin using the power waxer, so that you can get the best possible results. Wash each and every inch of the exterior to ensure that you will not be tracking any dirt or debris onto the interior of the vehicle.

We recommend that you wash your vehicle with a high-quality auto soap, such as Ultra Concentrated Car Wash Soap, which can get deep into crevices and remove any unwanted muck from your vehicle.

Apply the Power Waxer

It is recommended that you apply the wax straight to the pad of your power waxer. It is recommended that you make a single larger dot in the pad’s middle after first drawing a series of smaller dots all the way around the pad’s edge. You will have complete and flawless coverage as a result of this.

Once you get started, make sure to use the power waxer in a slow and even manner. When waxing the body of your automobile, use light pressure and long, even strokes in a straight motion so that you don’t build up an excessive amount of wax in any one region.

Take your time as you work around the car, and make sure that each area is covered at least a few times to ensure that you are getting enough on. However, don’t go overboard because we want the coat to be smooth and uniform.

Scrub and Perform Another Washing

After you have applied the wax and followed the instructions (various wait times are usually required before you can proceed), wipe away any excess dried wax with a clean microfiber cloth.

Give your car one more rinse, then take a moment to admire the stunning shine you’ve just achieved by detailing it, and then put it away.


Some Recommendations for better Results

Waxing your automobile can really bring it back to life if it’s starting to show some symptoms of ageing, and if you wax it regularly and pay attention to it, you can keep it appearing as if it were brand new even as it gets older.

If you want the greatest results from the power waxer, make sure to use it in a delicate manner and in straight lines. You do not want the wax to have any swirls or any other chaotic characteristics. The task at hand can be accomplished with strokes that are long and straight.

You should also pay care to your apparatus; just use clean towels, and make sure the surfaces are clean as well. You absolutely do not want to wax your automobile if it has even a little bit of dirt on it at this point.

When it’s time to wax your vehicle, the temperature should be just right. You shouldn’t risk getting a burn on your hand if you touch the hood, nor should you feel the need to put on gloves because it’s too cold.


Which Type of Wax Should You Utilize?

At Shine Armor, we are fixated on creating the very best goods for your automobile, both on the inside and the outside. Anyone who is concerned about the appearance of the exterior of their vehicle should consider purchasing our Spray Wax Quick Coat because it is an extremely cost-effective and high-quality option.

It is a Brazilian carnauba wax that will get you a shine that will turn heads and show care that not only looks nice but will defend the outside of your car from the worst that the worst has to offer.

We are confident that this wax is the best available option on the market, and if you are thinking about using a power waxer to obtain the greatest look for your car, then this is the product for you. We are confident that this wax is the best available option on the market.


How Often Should You Get Your Body Wax Done?

In spite of the fact that the wax you select will come with instructions outlining the frequency with which it should be applied, the general rule of thumb is that you should wax your vehicle once every three months.

You are free to do it more frequently than that; we won’t prevent you in any way. But if you want your car to look like it’s ready to drive up at any time, then you shouldn’t wait more than three months in between waxings. This is approximately as long as you should wait.

Power Up

Because we know that you are concerned about the appearance of your vehicle, we have provided you with an article that will teach you how to power wax your ride. This is a passion that we share with you, and we hope that by providing you with these pointers, you will be able to give your whip the cleanest coat it has ever seen.

If you make sure to take your time and utilise the appropriate items, you’ll quickly be able to evaluate your appearance in the mirror of your outside in no time at all.

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