Know About Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility Criteria

Australia is a multi-cultural and racially tolerant society that welcomes migrants from all parts of the world. Since 1945 around 5.6 million people, from over 150 countries becomes Australian citizens. As per the latest census, Australia has a population of over 19.5 million people but their numbers are keeps on increasing. One in four Australian residents living in Australia is born outside Australia.


Eligibility for Skilled Visa

If you are seeking to migrate to Australia you need to be not more than 55yrs of Age, Healthy, of good character, and have a reasonable standard of English. Australia welcomes skilled migrants who want to work and live in Australia and who have the skills to contribute to Australia’s needs & growth.

The eligibility for Australian migration generally is based on points calculation in the following areas: –

1) Skill

A person is said to be skilled if he or she is perfect at doing some work. For Example – A painter is known for his skill in painting. Let’s check out more examples of a woodcutter that is capable of cutting every type of tree. That’s his skill. For getting the skilled visa approved, the person should showcase his possession of skill.


2) Work Experience

Another important eligibility criterion is work experience. Not only in getting a skilled visa but work experience is also required in getting a good job as well. As per the skilled visa application guidelines, one needs to attach a work experience letter at the time of visa application.


3) Type of Qualification

Qualification is required to showcase your educational background. Every designation demands some set of qualifications to be eligible for the same.


4) Age of principal Applicant

As we have already mentioned in the beginning that the age of a visa applicant should not be more than 55 years of age.


5) Spouse’s Skills and Qualification

It has been seen that the applicant wants to migrate with their spouse. In that case, spouse skills and qualification is required to be attached to the skilled visa application.


6) Sponsor

To be eligible for the skilled visa, you need a sponsor letter from the company offering you the job in Australia.

To qualify for Australian migration the applicant might be getting a minimum of 110 or 120 points which then in turn make you eligible to enter the pool mark. Based on the points you may be asked to lodge your application for Australian Immigration.


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