Here’s Why You Should Avoid Non-Genuine Parts in Your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is growing in popularity over the past years. This is because the iPhone has the property of ‘Resistance to Repair’ which makes it different from other phones. Apart from this feature, iPhones are also well known for their exceptional design, functionality, and excellent user experience. Since the iPhone is in such great demand, many sellers sell the iPhones at a cheaper price. However, these cheap iPhones do not have genuine parts. Always go to a genuine iPhone repair shop. Since iPhone parts are hard to find and cost a lot, people tend to choose cheaper iPhones over genuine ones, leading to several problems. Let’s discuss some common:

Problems with iPhone repairs

There are many cases where people damage their screens by dropping their phones. Damaging an iPhone’s screen could be extremely expensive as Apple charges a high amount for repair. Therefore, most people repair their iPhones from a third party as they would provide phone repair services at a low cost. However, since there are cheap alternatives, they do not use genuine parts most of the time. This could deteriorate the condition of the other parts of the phone. For example, it could damage the face detection system. It could also damage the touch detection system. There might be some issues that might appear minor, such as a change in the brightness level, and could create major problems in the future. These brightness-related issues can create battery problems which might damage the light sensors and could make your iPhone’s life shorter.

Where do these non-genuine parts come from?

Most genuine iPhone parts are provided only by Apple. However, some third-party suppliers know their ways of coming up with non-genuine parts that could be a replacement for genuine parts. These non-genuine parts could be bought in the following ways by the third-party supplier:

  • OEM Parts, or more specifically Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, usually come with the original iPhones. The iPhones that are damaged or could not be used usually have parts that work well. The third-party service providers use these parts to repair the other iPhones. Apple, however, can detect if that particular part came along with your original iPhone or not. This would then invalidate your warranty.
  • An aftermarket is a place where you can find parts to repair your iPhones. However, these parts are not genuine at all and are replicas of the original parts.

These OEM parts and aftermarkets could also be expensive, depending on the service provided. They might also provide you warranty and would charge you for it. However, they would not provide you with testing services that are as good as Apple. Thus, it can damage your phone’s overall performance and may cause physical harm. 

Ways in which you can avoid these non-genuine parts

Non-genuine parts could damage the quality of your iPhone which could further damage to your iPhone’s life. The cause of damage most of the time is the third-party providers. Therefore, the best choice for you would be to stick with Apple. This alternative could be expensive, however, it would help you maintain your peace of mind. Apple also has the option of recall for various models. There might be a chance that your iPhone falls into this category. This would work even if your warranty period is over. Apple could also provide you with repair services and replacements if any damage is caused because of the previous repairs that were done by them. Therefore, switching to Apple would be the best alternative for you.

The importance of opting for the correct technicians

The outsourced party could use genuine parts to repair your iPhones. However, if the technician is not well trained enough or experienced, it could lead to problems. For example, if a technician does not fix the screws properly, it could lead to battery heating problems. Apple provides you with services with the help of experienced and certified technicians. These technicians follow a set of protocols to repair your phones and also use genuine parts. Therefore, you must opt for trusted technicians maintain the safety and quality of your iPhone.

You can opt for the AppleCare services which would ensure that your phone is in the right hands. They would help you know the problems that you face concerning your iPhone and they would also help you resolve these problems. To have a reliable repair service, be sure to stay away from non-genuine parts and stick to the original.

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