Elijah Judd Wedding: When & Whom to Wynonna Ellen Judd’s Son Married To?

Elijah Judd’s wedding is long-awaited finally took place after years of his surprise proposal to his long-time sweetheart, and his mother, country music royalty Wynonna Judd, could not contain her joy.

The Day of Elijah Judd’s Wedding

Before sharing the wedding photo of Elijah with his fans, Elijah’s mother took to Instagram to share her son’s priceless moment.

Wynonna’s Instagram feed was flooded with images of her son proposing to his now-wife, Hailey Williams, on December 22, 2017.

Her posts showcased Elijah’s proposal step-by-step and perfectly captured the excitement of the moment, in which she was ecstatic to see him take such a significant step in his life.

As seen in the featured image, Elijah placed the engagement ring on Hailey’s finger in a romantic setting with cubes that read’marry me?’ placed behind them.

Similarly, the following image depicted the ring with which he proposed to his girlfriend. The large, glittering diamond was certainly impressive.


Elijah Judd proposed to Hailey Williams
Elijah Judd proposed to Hailey Williams

Elijah Judd poses with his now-wife on the night of his proposal. (Source: Instagram)

In the second photograph, the newly engaged couple was accompanied by their families at the location of the proposal. The lovely family’s happiness shone through their smiling faces.

Additionally, the post concluded with pictures of the couple posing with romantic gestures that would melt your heart.

Well, the pictures weren’t sufficient to express the excitement that Wynonna felt for her son, so she used a few words to share the news with her thousands of Instagram followers, writing, “My son is here!”

Elijah Judd on his wedding day
Elijah Judd on his wedding day

Wynonna’s with Elijah on his wedding day (Source: Instagram)


On September 19, 2020, three years after their engagement, Elijah and his then-fiancée tied the knot.

On his twenty-sixth birthday, the singer only shared a glimpse of one of his wedding photos with her followers after wishing him well on the occasion.

As Elijah appears to prefer a low-key lifestyle, he is inactive on social media to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. However, the couple is likely enjoying their married life.

What is Elijah Judd’s occupation?

Elijah is best known as the eldest son of esteemed country singer Wynonna Judd, a fact that eclipses his professional accomplishments.

Elijah was born on December 23, 1994, and Arch Kelley II is his father. Being raised by a rockstar mother, the Nashville-born individual eventually developed a passion for music, despite his relatively low media profile.

In 2006, he contributed backing vocals to his mother’s album A Classic Christmas, for which he gained widespread recognition.

The Christmas album was well-received by fans, and several of its songs topped the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart the year it was released.

Given that he has already contributed to his mother’s album, Elijah is likely continuing his career in music; the majority of his profession is now concealed.

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