Best time to visit Spiti Valley 2022: March To June

Spiti Valley of the hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh and therefore the best time to visit Spiti Valley is from Apr to the Gregorian calendar month it’s the time after you will simply relish the pleasant weather of the chain of mountains and hills. Spiti valley is additionally celebrated by the name of the realistic painting of a chain of mountains. The untouched villages of Spiti Valley, snow-clad mastiffs, treacherous passes, and delightful lakes build Spiti Valley one of the foremost superb places in Bharat. like all different mountainous places, it’s a secure place for tourists. Before you visit here you need need to comprehend the weather of this place in keeping with the seasons. In order that you may not face any quite tourable throughout your trip. 

Summer Time throughout the march to Gregorian calendar month is taken into account to be the simplest time to go to Spiti Valley. as a result of during this time you may expertise pleasant weather of Spiti Valley and you furthermore might soothe your eyes with wide blue skies and landscapes sense. 

The Spiti Valley temperature in winter in different words Oct to February will go well below -20 deg C, therefore you need to go well ready with correct woollen wear. As downfall will happen anytime during this amount, you ought to keep buffer days for road closures. The Winter season is extremely harsh in Spiti Valley. throughout these months entire natural depression goes back to hibernation. it’ll become a no-man place for a number of months and it’s conjointly tough to survive here. 

During the monsoon in Spiti Valley, the weather is okay however you’ve got to achieve there as early as potential Spiti Valley from Shimla to Kinnaur manner. However, this route is safe throughout monsoon time and if you go via Manali you’ll simply face high water flows on the ways and unpredictable landslides. 

Monsoon Season (July–September): as a result of the Lahaul and Spiti area units set within the chain area, these months get very little to no precipitation. Lahaul and Spiti area unit among the simplest places to visit throughout the monsoons, however, the roads leading there, notably those through Kinnaur and Manali, become notably susceptible to landslides.


Winter (November to April):

Winters during this region area unit exceptionally harsh and chilly, with lows of -17°C and even colder in some Spiti communities. Lahaul and Spiti, however, area unit fascinating vacation spots at this point of the year for people that relish the winter and therefore the snow.


Monsoon Season (July-September):

As a result of the Lahaul and Spiti area units set within the chain area region, they receive very little to no downfall throughout these months. whereas Lahaul and Spiti area unit wonderful monsoon destinations, the roads resulting in these areas, notably those through Kinnaur and Manali, become very susceptible to landslides.

Best time to visit Spiti Valley
Best time to visit Spiti Valley

Best time to visit Spiti Valley.Unending meadows, peppered with patches of inexperienced, sparkling blue streams, and clear skies area unit all among the various tones of colour that the ‘Spiti of summer’, puts on a show. The natural depression is heat enough with pleasant temperatures starting from fifteen – 20ºC and could be a scenic paradise.

A bike trip to Spiti Valley could be a dream for several and makes it the highest of the bucket lists of many young and seasoned travellers alike. it’s a feather-in-the-hat for thrill-seekers.

One of the foremost fascinating experiences of the natural depression is to manoeuvre your bike on the helical roads of the barren landscapes, particularly on the well-paved Shimla-Spiti route. the cruel weather, combined with the rugged terrains, offers an associate degree hormone rush like none different. Riders may visit the celebrated ‘Kunzum Pass’, which conjointly is the entryway to Spiti Valley. This beautiful high-mountain pass falls on the way from Lahaul to Kaza associate degree is set at an elevation of 15000 feet.

The pass is additionally one of every of India’s highest motorable roads, creating it a touch dangerous however definitely worth the expertise because it could be a once-in-a-lifetime journey that several folks wait to start.

Additionally, this is often solely the start of what Spiti’s natural depression should supply.

From Gregorian calendar month to late Gregorian calendar month is the best time to go to Spiti Valley within the summer. Summer is the best time to go to as a result of the snow melting by then and flowers bloom everywhere during the natural depression.

If you would like to understand a lot regarding Spiti, you’ll contact our tour specialists at Real Himachal. we have a tendency to conjointly give the simplest Spiti tour packages that you just will modify as per your feeling. therefore be at liberty to contact us. and provides us with an opportunity to provide you with good travelling expertise through our tasteful tour packages.

That’s why we recommend you go via Shimla throughout the monsoon. to understand regarding Spiti and therefore the entire year clicks here. If you’ve got any queries regarding your trip to the chain of mountains. Comment below.

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