14 effective tips to improve your health right away

In my experience I have gained the impression that the main obstacle to a healthy, balanced and satisfying life depends on the belief that the solution is outside us and not within us.

So that not much can be done to get better and change the coordinates of our future.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Today, finally, we talk about nutrition and exercise in terms of “preventive medicine“. And I emphasize the word “medicine” for this time because so many people believe that for everything there must be a cure, a medicine that you take and pass it all over.

As life teaches us, unfortunately this is not always the case. But there is much more to say if we move from the word “medicine” to the adjective “preventive”.

How much can you prevent in your life to ensure an immediate and distant future of real well-being? How much can you sow today that you can reap tomorrow?

Still not convinced?


Here are 14 tips to get you started improving your health

What actions can you take now, with no more excuses or postponements, that will immediately improve your health without the need for medication?


1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

You should drink at least 8-10 glasses a day to start, and eat foods that are fresh enough not to become dehydrated, especially in hot weather. So, as soon as you wake up, fill up with water. You will feel more dynamic in the following hours


2. Minimize fruit juices and fizzy drinks

If you have a habit of drink fizzy drinks or fruit juices that you buy at the supermarket this is a problem. I know very well that they are tasty, fresh, which immediately put you in a good mood. But unfortunately, these sensations that the brain sends you are due to sugar.

Sugar taken in isolation is not a problem: fruit contains a lot of fructose and contains it on purpose so that the animals collect it and contribute to pollination. But a fruit is usually a more complete meal. When consumed with the peel it provides more fiber, which slows down the absorption of fructose.

It is therefore a calorie-rich food, but at the same time transmitting a feeling of satiety for which it is rare to abuse it. In short, there is a balance.

What is totally missing when you use industrial juices or the carbonated drink on duty.

Juices and drinks contain too much sugar, which added to what you consume in other forms (consider that vegetables contain carbohydrates, that pasta and bread contain high percentages of sugar, that alcohol is a sugary product and so on), for example, the classic simple sugar sachet that you put in your coffee in the morning, becomes a big problem for your liver and for your health in general. This dentist in San Leandro also adds that the sugar and the acid in carbonated drinks are detrimental to your dental health. They can cause cavities and tooth loss in the long run.

Sugar is a food that teases the brain, and gives addictive and withdrawal effects very similar to those of drugs.

It is also found hidden in pre-packaged foods. Try to reduce your consumption.


3. Switch from refined to whole grains

The reason you need to switch from refined to whole grains is very simple: in refined grains, processing deprives the grain of important nutrients. A grain of wheat, for example, is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes. In the wholemeal version it retains more fiber, which slows down the absorption of sugar. The difference is therefore in the processing of the flour. And this should also apply when you bake desserts or make bread at home: try to get whole wheat flour, even if it is more expensive. And limit the sweets.

At the supermarket there is no shortage of wholemeal pasta offers. The same goes for bread. The benefit is also greater than the absorption of a more complete meal: whole grains have a lower glycemic index.


4. Use smaller plates and reduce portions

Studies have now clearly shown that most of the diseases with the highest mortality depend on a mix of bad lifestyle and bad eating habits. In some cases, environmental factors (pollution for example or latitude) and genetic factors act on the levels of incidence, the so-called risk factors, but removed these it is an equal challenge between you and how you behave at the table and in free time.

The lifestyle tends to be sedentary because jobs are less strenuous and less tiring. In addition, free time is spent less in the open air, but more in front of the TV, perhaps nibbling something while sitting on the sofa. Under these conditions, the extra weight sooner or later becomes a problem.

To compensate for the lack of energy expenditure due to the almost absent physical activity, the solution is to eat less. If you accumulate fat, you are likely to have a slow metabolism and generally gain more calories than you would need. Or you have an unbalanced diet.

In any case, calorie restriction is good for you. You can start it right away with smaller portions served on smaller plates that seem full. The eye also wants its part in the sense of satiety.


5. Start with breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal, In fact, all meals are important, as long as you eat healthy and balanced and take advantage of it to get quality nutrients.

Try to eat the right one, but choosing healthy foods: a slice of wholemeal bread instead of biscuits, do not put sugar in the coffee and that’s it.


6. Park further away, walk, take the stairs

There are many opportunities to do physical activity, even when you have little time to do it or many excuses to avoid it.

Try to park your vehicle few steps away & walk to the shopping mall or supermarket, Doing this in a frequently definitely helps to lose some weight. It can’t really hurt to take a few extra steps even if you’re on a budget. If you are unable to carry a few kilos of shopping bags, it means that you are completely out of shape and it is perhaps worth revising everything a bit.

If your health allows it, take the stairs instead of the elevator, you will add movement and calories to burn in your “health account”; if you can, in general, avoid moving with a vehicle. The healthier alternative and – to be honest – the preferable option is the daily brisk walk. Give it at least forty minutes and you will immediately begin to feel better in mood and physically.


7. Go to bed an hour early, turning everything off

Sleep is the best source of recovery of physical and mental energy. It shouldn’t be wasted staying up late watching TV or, worse, in front of the smartphone. Make sure you sleep adequately and continuously. Basically: rather than getting up an hour later to recover, turn everything off and go to sleep an hour earlier.


8. Join a book club or read a book

One of the most positive aspects of reading is that a reflective, meditative activity that induces a state of calm, makes the mind work, requires imagination and tires the eyes by inducing sleep. If in your city there are reading groups, book clubs, sign up because you it will also add you to the pleasure of socialization, which has much greater positive effects than socialization via the web on networks such as Facebook.

Read books


You can read anything, including training material that makes you grow as a person, increasing your chances of achieving your goals. Writing a diary also has the same value.


9. Learn to meditate

Meditation has scientifically proven psychophysical effects. It is an anti-stress relaxation powerhouse that brings benefits in every direction. Relieves anxiety, eliminates nervousness, clears the mind. Inflammation phenomena are linked to chronic stress, which in turn become chronic and make the states of malaise more serious.


10. Give space to intimacy: embrace the person you love

If you live in a relationship or have a special relationship with someone, make sure you communicate it. Hug a person you love, seek more human contact, strengthen your relationships. Don’t think that it is enough to say hello to each other via text or to hear from you on the phone. Our communication also has a physical aspect. A caress, a hug, a handshake can promote the release of endorphins that increase the feeling of well-being. With cascading beneficial effects on stress.


11. Join the gym for 3 months

Exactly. For 3 months. Make an immediate commitment that has a significant enough economic cost to maintain commitment and consistency over a period of time long enough to produce effects. After 3 months in the gym, you will be convinced of its beneficial effects on your spirit and you will certainly be doing something good for your health. Plus, you won’t have wasted the 3 month fees you paid in the beginning.


12. Choose more comprehensive exercises

If you have decided to do some exercise at home, don’t focus on certain areas of the body. Localized training isn’t easy. Instead, think of exercises that simultaneously involve several parts of the body: push-ups (push-ups), squats, deadlifts with a barbell or dumbbells. You will have beneficial effects right away.


13. Get up from your chair

Too much sedentary lifestyle hurts a lot. If you are sitting while reading this article, try standing up. Walk. In any case, try to stand up as much as possible. Remember that when you sit down, you load the centre of gravity of your body with a lot of weight, in a position that is not too ideal to contain pain. Consider the fact that you risk sitting at work, at home, in the places where you spend free time. Instead, try to do the opposite. Whenever you get the chance, get up.


14. Set priorities

If you have concrete goals in life and you need time and work, set the right priorities. Safeguard loved ones in the family, socialize while you can, but don’t waste time on escapist activities that take you away from responsibilities. Therefore, before doing anything, ask yourself if the thing you are about to do brings you closer or further away from the general objective you have set yourself. Be honest in your response and act accordingly. Start immediately, with the next engagement you have planned. What you are about to do helps to achieve your goal.


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